We are part of the national Church of England, and the local Southborough Team Ministry. We offer a wide range of styles of worship service, and seek to encourage all who come to St Peter’s to meet with God through worship, teaching and fellowship. We hold to the authority of the Bible as the revealed word of God and guide for life, and we seek to live as Jesus’ followers in the 21st Century. Our aim is to ‘Make Disciples and Make a Difference’ as we believe that Jesus came to usher in a new way of living, which he called ‘the Kingdom of God’, which he intended would make a difference to the way we live now, to the world we live in, and to our future beyond this life.

If you would like to find out more use our contacts listed on this site or come along to our weekly 9.30 am service on a Sunday morning. We have a friendly congregation of all ages and backgrounds and we would love to welcome you into our fellowship.